Light skinned mistress with a class of royalty. Who forgets the gown of hers in the freshman year? She refused a dance then with the cute brother; her shyness was worth tripping for as it showed her pupil run around in gentility; if it was a mere ineptitude at dancing, it was golden – the […]


What is the worst thing in life if not to drown in waters of great depth? What is the most satisfying desire of the excessively distracted, if not death? Why is it difficult to give one’s life a proper shaping? There is only one truth, and too many philosophies suiting different consciences. I am distracted. […]


INTRODUCTION The concept of law and morality is viewed by quite a number of persons to have a nexus. Legal scholars as well as persons with an ounce of knowledge on this discourse will jump into a non-remote conclusion that the concept of interest is indeed over flogged.  To state the obvious, law and morality […]


Miserable mister! His love for his palito made him neglect the sister. Playing Brandy’s tracks showed he sought love But what was his problem? Nancy was alone. Why did he deceive the poor thing? Confused mind How come he asserts he meant he loved her when All he did was refuse to pop the question? […]


 Some dramas that unfold that are too heavy for the tongue are advised to be kept inward lest there be a blackguard owing to bile commentaries. It is safer to express with ink as there is the presumption that one had time to think of the consequence of his choice words – be it a […]