The cloud has been a barrier depriving men of truth. Think I must have been trapped in that oblivion till I set eyes on you. I touched you and it was magical, I mean that was how I felt. I tried to put myself together, but all efforts amounted to nothingness. I am probably spelled after the TOUCH from my hand to your face.
I see the way you look at me, all I see is so much innocence. I am confused, am I mad? Why imprison me with unfettered love?? Life is unfair, but so are you, why obssess me with your pupils??? I get to graduate from day dreams, to sweet dreams, and I wake up soaked in wet dreams. You laughing, I must be found amusing OR your cupid-struck toy; can you not see the things that you do to me?

Amara, I know you cannot count your suitors per day. Some got Ferrari, or Bughatti plus a fat bank account; but here I am, with my account reading insufficient funds. Thus, I am so broke that I will not want to try buy your in heart over. Guess I should try winning your love in my favour, but it is glaringly a fact that you do not believe in true love… so here I stand, so inept, that I cannot evince my feelings; or open your eyes to see true love in its raw form. Oh! How annoying it can be, to be sheepishly in love with a girl who sees the love concept as bullshit, but then your feelings get to stubbornly remain at the apex point with no intent to evanesce.

You want to know TRUTH? I do not want you to set me free. You can keep me as a slave, dump me in a dungeon, and falsely imprison me or worse. I am just too desperate a person, could I touch your face once more?
                 OKOCHA OBED