So I claim to be a moralist, but in me is tongue lashing as a virtue. I claim I am a Christian, but mock your imperfections or issue. I see you sag your pants; I know it is wrong, but pretend to feel you. Next I learnt you are in jail, and I am the quickest to cast or judge you. Pretence, that now rains heavy, it has pretty much got intense. I must have misled you upon my confirmation of your soar ventures; it did not just make real sense. We called the Devil a liar, but I still wrote him your death sentence. My mind is filthy and evil, why will I want to refute it? I see you cheat in exams, and I am like HEY BRO YOU CAN MAKE IT. All deception! All was simply for my pleasure. Watched you expelled, it was game over, I promised I was done with the adventure. Well there were several people with issues worse than BRO, and my promise broke beyond fathomable measure. How possible it is to know the truth, but stick to cruel intentions and pocket it like treasure.
I am evil. If only you knew how much I laugh at your grammatical blunder, it probably would kill you. So you call me Mr. Gentleman; because unlike other lustful suitors, my style is rather civil. Hey Damsel, I deceived you. Those romantic lines and mastermind long verse, was to secure a job situate your lips. Left you without a goodbye note; been there, done that, for tips. Then I tell BROTHERS THAT WILL LISTEN about the escapade, and I be stressing my wits. Perhaps I spice up the story with lies like I CALLED HER THE TIE CLIP IN MY BLACK TIE. They believed, they had no choice, and there was only one reason why. We could not see the evil we had become; we left our mirrors entirely dusty.
                                                                                                        OKOCHA   OBED.