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So I bump into a link that reveals what a jiggery pockery woman did to her body. Plastic surgery ish. Well let me come in…

Plastic surgery is no new thing all over the world; as a matter of fact, it is trending in no slow pace this 21st century. A date back to history has that plastic surgeries were used to transform the faces of injured soldiers i.e., relieving men from a scar face (like Al Pacino’s), then a face off (like John Travolta’s), and a placement of a new face devoid of scars. Even people who had one form of facial deformity or the other, thought it good to overcome their worries by casting all their burdens in the skillful hands of these surgeons. After several trial and errors, the surgeries witness successes (at least, the errors reduced). The hour to delve into all areas of the human body and desires had ripened; thus, these surgeons operated persons desiring firm hooters, face lifting, lips tightening, hips expansion, face smoothening, buttocks endowment, to mention a couple. All these have been there; and more developments like the amalgam of plastic surgery and transgender, merged in one being, now hits the headlines. I am not surprised at the societal acceptance of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, to mention a few; but I cannot say I am not in disappointment. Where it hurts me, truthfully speaking, is in the global spread of misleading information and conclusion such as, “the Bible did not stress on the term plastic surgery, and so it is no sin; so one is free to engage in such acts if he/she has satisfied and fortified his/her knowledge on the pros and cons of the desired act”. The saying is wrong, and it is a transparent spit on the face of Christianity. This is why…

The Holy Bible recorded in the book of 1 Cor. 6:19-20, a truism indeed. It reads thus: “or do you not know that you body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body”. Before expatiating this word of truth, a quick reading of Leviticus 19:28 should be dropped here, for better understanding. It has that: “ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord”. It should be stressed here that the ‘body’ referred to in 1 Cor. 6:19-20 is the flesh that cloth our soul; and not the fallacious presumption that the Bible intended the ‘heart’. Remember that we were all instructed to flee from fornication as our ‘body’ is the temple of God. Hence, I will be addressing the physical body – the Bible is no book that contradicts itself, it is Divine (sips juice). If you followed the reading (1 Cor.), then you will see that we are not our own; for we were bought with a price. Hence, our body is not actually for us but for our Maker. It is only commonsensical and highly expected of us, that we glorify God for the body He granted us, and using the body prudently in things that will attract the glorify of God in the eyes of the populace (more importantly, our Lord God). As a matter of fact, most females that engage in breast implant do so for reasons not remote to you and I, i.e. for self glorification most times, and attracting the attention of unending lustful suitors. A woman who engages in the act of breast implant for the purpose of attaining beautification, fears not the God Almighty vide Proverbs 31:30. A part that is pending is the scripture (supra) that has to do with ‘cutting ones skin for the dead’ or printing on ones skin (Lev. 19:28). Clearly, God forbids the use of tattoo. It means, therefore, that persons who used tattoo for racial identification or for a sign of survival after a war, and so on; were defaulters of God’s law. If we look closely at the passage, the word “shall” was used; hence, it is an offence of strict liability. Well, I am not here to address tattoo, but to talk about “the making of cuts on ones flesh” for the dead. This shows that God expects not a single scratch on our skin either for the sake of tradition or WHAT HAVE YOU. I take away from this, the fact that even though the slightest cut of your skin was a sign to show last respect, the Lord God uses the word, “shall”, to kick against it. How much more will this same God entertain the acts of cutting ones flesh for obvious reasons which cannot, and will not glorify His name? Let us talk about Carly Mersola.

Carly Mersola is a white lady; she is 25 years old, a bartender for a restaurant, and the latest BARBIE DOLL. She spent so much money to achieve this feat and gives all glory to ONLY GOD KNOWS. Hey Carly, I am probably meddling where I should not as you have a right to privacy; but you asked for a comment, so be attentive whilst I flaunt my right to expression… so Carly said it has been her die-hard want to be like Barbie. She is even breast boosted to a 46F and tells the world, via the internet, how she intends making it a 46G (this struck me). She is living a life of plastic now as her lips are filled, adjusted and made BETTER. I see how she smiles with her family; and she even intends to make her waist, size 32, smaller. This is madness!! How imaginable it is for a person to forget that she was wonderfully and fearfully made. I have not a single problem with Barbie but for a human being to become fake just to become a Barbie doll, leaves me with the headache. She always wanted to be Barbie, but c’mon guys, she need not be the doll. A human’s want is insatiable, it is ever wanting and wanting; but the need is what must matter. After attaining the 46G, what next? Maybe she would consider a throat surgery just to sound like Barbie. More madness!! Changing your body to suit your wishes is simply a Simple Instruction Neglected (S.I.N).

To self destruct can come in divers ways; but since we know I am arresting plastic surgery, it is safe to say that we only destroy ourselves by engaging in this S.I.N. The cons have really outweighed the pros largely because the cons preach the demise of the person. What are even the pros, if not: a smooth skin, revealing gigantic tatas, desirable lips, stomach flattening, facial variation with a touch of handsomeness or beauty, a thunderous backside, and so on. How lovely and desirable I MUST SAY, but let us not be quick to forget Ecclesiastes 1:2 which says that: “vanity of vanity, saith the preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity”. What are the cons? Well nipple numbness is one of the downsides. This is not a good one indeed as it often affects one part of the breasts. Here, the nerves around the breast are asleep and thus, no sensitivity. The only option open to such PATIENT is to wait and be PRAYERFUL it awakes after a span of 3-6 months or a year. Attempts at rubbing the breasts to arouse sensitivity will only put more fire on the burning cloth, as this could lead to sagging breasts.

Still on the cons, the whole process of actualizing a plastic surgery does not cost a person mere peanuts. It is thus, done by those who can afford it most times. This even leaves me wondering how Carly Mersola, a mere bartender, could pull that off. So I entered a “facelift” forum and was taken aback by a girls’ experience with a professional surgeon (name withdrawn) who made her looks even worse. She stressed that if she had a chance to reverse the clock, she would have stayed far away from plastic surgery; as the surgeon seemingly used her as one of his many failed experiments. Maybe that is just one case scenario, hence should not be alarming; but a compilation of facelift surgery by Sachin S Pawar, evinces the awful treatment we receive from our new friend (plastic surgery). Major complications include: hematoma, nerve injuries, infection, skin flap necrosis, hypertrophic scarring, hairline/earlobe deformities, and parotid gland pseudocyst. These happen as a result of the so-called minimally invasive procedures such as the emergence of the barbed suture lifting. So I said that death is the apex and major ripple effect of plastic surgery and the scientists be eye balling me. Why? Let me sit on this death area a little bit (empties juice).

You remember Lt. Stella Obasanjo? Well she wanted to do a tummy tuck that she might be kinky on her 60th birthday. It was her plan, perhaps, to look all ravishing for her prince charming (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo), only for death to lay his cold hands on her. Mama, I indeed miss you; just wish you had no connection with a GONE-WRONG lipsocution procedure all for TUMMY FLATTENING SAKE. You may have heard the name, Solange Magnano. Well, she was a strikingly lovely queen of the ‘90s. She was even Miss Argentina in 1994, and a highly successful fashion model. Due to cares of the fashion world, Magnano (mother of 8 yr old twins) decided to grab for herself a firmer, and more defined bottom. She had an encounter with death just after the cosmetic surgery on her buttocks – cause of death happened to be a blocked lung artery linked to the surgery. In furtherance, December 2010 did not give way for 2011 without dragging a 35 yr old Lidvian Zelaya of Florida. According to, she never returned home following a procedure to remove fat from her waist and add it to her buttocks; just so it is mentioned, the couple had saved $4,600 for the procedure. The cause of death was Acute Adipose Tissue Embolism due to complications from the surgery. Hey! Plastic surgery does not pay. After deriving attention from men, what next? It is wildfire gist that ladies with the heavy duty breast implant cannot even breastfeed. Oh! What a joy of motherhood indeed.

Let me chip this in. I am of the belief that a vast majority of us will agree that breast augmentation is the commonest operation performed by Plastic Surgeons. One thing remains scientifically unproven, i.e. that breast cancer has a linkage with breast augmentations. Well, truth needs be told, and very quickly too. For breast implant, the likes of Silicone usage and Saline implants are very common; but did you know that Silicone implants are radio-obscure, so they cast a shadow on x-rays obscuring the breast tissue that lies behind them? What is my point? We often hear of cancer of the breasts, and we know that it starts from lumps to tumors that are fortunately at the curable state. Since a Silicone implant will obscure the breast tissue during an x-ray screening, it will be impossible or extremely onerous a job to detect the growing tumors on the female’s breasts. Upon this impossibility, gives birth to a mature breast cancer. You only make it easier for a specialist to identify your tumor, upon the x-ray screening, if you had natural breasts (pauses); for not gets hidden here. If I were a lady, I won’t wait for statistics to surpass the extant 38% of ladies that pursued plastic living, and are ever dying of breast cancer before I consider a chill.

This piece seems to be addressing the females solely, so let me rope the guys in. You all remember Michael Jackson – the king of pop, and the dude with the falling nose – right? You remember how he transformed to white and had to resort to an umbrella in a bid to avoid the ozone layer’s blessings?? If only Kendrick Lamar had sung BLACK DO NOT CRACK that time, MJ would have been a grandfather now. So let us beware, guys.
All said and dusted (chews pen), you wanted a comment (Carly Mersola), right? Well, how about you start spending your money on things that matter. You are just 25 yrs old; it ain’t late to seek God’s face. Barbie huh? You are open to the risks of havoc as the ripple effect of the whole plastic ish is huge. Ask Nicki Minaj how she went about her “butt injury” during her performance on a Tuesday night FASHION ROCKS concert. It is either the silicone literally leaked or busted, for her legs and butt did not just connect. You are not the Barbie doll, Carly. C’mon, it is only a doll and a cartoon born out of creativity… before I drop my ink, I have to see to a pending matter. “Dr. K.O. Paulose, an ear, nose, and throat surgeon who works at Jubilee Memorial Hospital in India, recently told the Christian post: that he believes God is using him to aid in the healing process”. I hate to say this, but I almost thought you were insane. More bullshit is the misinterpretation of Luke 22:49-51. Using the Bible wrongly to support your pitiful choice of performing plastic surgery is slanderous, and a spit on the face of Christianity. I will not stop praying that spiritual pills fly your way to cure the crap you said.


                        OKOCHA OBED



My name is Okocha Obed, you can call me Obeezy. I love to display aesthetics through my ink—I must say writing is my small world. I consider myself a deep writer; I say I am deep because I have discovered that part about myself, even, my fabulous audience share same view. I believe in connecting to all kind of persons as there is always something to learn from everyone. I see myself as an actor; to stay on the stage, I need to think ink. The voice is a reflection of myself and my conscience. I always felt I could be like superman while growing up. It was pretty ridiculous so all I did was dream of being a soldier. It was abortive. So I created a world where I could keep talking about the ills in my community but with other flavours to show I am growing into completeness. keep reading.


  1. Funny enough with time these thing have dastard effects on the person. I forever remember Michael Joseph Jackson who “killed” himself all in a bid to become white. We should be grateful for what we have and not try to help God.

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