There is no joy in being restricted by poverty, persons, pains, and any physical related thing; but what is worse than being imprisoned right within you? Nothing.

I belong to the part of the world filled with black souls. Black is a symbol of struggle, so never teach a black man what struggle entails cos he knows better than even every lexical definition you may quote. Culture is my identity, the coming of English language and supposed civilization has seen many black people sprint like Bolt when Igbo language is taught in Nigerian schools; the love for our culture is now deemed history, it is even called evil. I see a Yoruba man, I am pleased cos he clearly has not forgotten his roots. I miss the old days when our vision was to fight for freedom and independency from colonial masters but I will not say I prefer the old days to the current state of Africa for that will be unwise.

Now that we are free, what has been the good news? The African race has accepted the gift from the white man known as TECHNOLOGY. Technology has sustained every black man, it has helped in areas of clothing, infrastructure, and EVERYTHING in fact. Countries like Ghana, Libya, and South Africa have grown big time. These countries suffered no such thing like a misplaced priority as the legacy of Nelson Mandela still breathes fresh air. I would be a liar to say I do not envy the manner in which they sustained their culture, their vision, as well as unity. What about their counterpart, Nigeria?

Nigerians welcomed technology but unlike the aforementioned black countries, we were cool with being spoon fed by the white man. We welcomed Christianity too but have mistaken true christianity from appalling extremity. An extremist is near sighted or blind, he is one who has learnt the way to Christianity from the White Race but still feels the Whites are heading towards destruction cos they consider them luke warm for Christ. Extremity in religion is what has caused us to call the television and everything birthed from technology, a tool in the hands of the always preached VILLAIN( Satan). We are probably hypocrites or oblivious of wisdom cos these same extremists are still on technologically produced garments. 

Nigerians are not losers, in fact we know not failures. We rejoice when we succeed in our pursuits and learn when we witness trying times like our current sullen state. It is just this itching news of extremism that has remained a body irritation for so long a time, if we must grow we must get over this infection by self examination. Let us learn once more.

I am aware of what the bible says about the end time. I am aware also about the bible’s assurance of a good and prosperous life. I am aware of my surroundings and the end time symbols. It is either asinine or wise saying that we see the doom as the foretold words of John which are now materialized. Hence, little attention be paid to repairing the physical walls of Nigeria but an aggressive evangelism of His coming being the key thing. I am ignorant, oblivious, a probable extremist, or trapped in my world of thoughts; I want a sweet Nigeria, but need Nigeria in open heavens. I hold no view, I am careful about your opinions cos you are probably stomaching more emotional injuries than myself. I seek clarity but wisdom is far reaching. I will remain trapped instead, I will wait for HER to cuddle me with wise talks and not mere parables.

                                     OKOCHA OBED