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Today, the drum came alive. Today, I knew why I could not be with a woman. Today, I beat my GAN GAN nonetheless…


We are sitting far from each other, and allowing silence take preeminence. She is sobbing and murmuring things that my ears cannot pick – I was not even interested. Why did she choose to smash my heart against broken bottles? I really did not see this coming, I thought she meant the three popular words of I LOVE YOU – she was not different from the rest, she was just a vulture. “True love is a bastard, a concept coined not in a dictionary but a fairy tale annoyingly believed by man. A bastard being emptiness, it never existed. A true lie”. I was saying inwardly with a bitter and damaged heart.

Titi is supposed to be my wife in a month time, a woman that I was to call my other half. We kept a vow, we were not going to have sex before our big wedding, and whenever she says this all my replies took one form I HAVE HEARD BABY, WHATEVER BABY SAYS IS COOL BY ME. I always smiled whenever her face and mannerism tiptoed into my exclusive thoughts, she was all I could talk about whenever I chill at Mama Ndubisi’s beer joint with my friends all tagged along – little did I know I was in for a shocker.

I met Titi somewhere in Abuja during my huzzling years. She has this pointed nose, slim body, and big smile. I knew she was the girl for me, and after two months of meeting, we were the perfect love birds. I remember how we shopped in every shopping mall in Abuja – tuesday nights were never complete without a late night movie in Jabi. I enjoyed her company so much, and it was not long after that that I slipped an engagement ring down her finger. “Oh man, as money don kiss my life, and as e don sama me with better girl, why will I not dance shoki?”, that was my give away punchline whenever my friends and I discussed our escapades, attachments, and breakups. 

“Yoruba? Yoruba girl?? last year was Calabar, earlier this year was Igbo and one tomboy Fulani girl. Ugochukwu, what is with the swap of girls? I hope you are not looking forward to tasting every tribe before you inform us of the final pick? Hmm”. Mama was saying all these upon my last visit to her and as you would expect, I was with the defense. “Ehn oo! I did not come to get a slight affront from you or anybody. She is Yoruba, and so? Later we gon be saying Nigeria is doing bad when all we do is foster discrimination even within our country. I am getting married on Christmas day which is a month away and your blessings would matter.” My mum was sluggishly saying “sorry, Mr. Lawyer, I hope you win this case”. I hate how she twists all those words to cause a pierce in my chest. I left her sight immediately and was quickly in the available bus to the city.

Titi always said she was a virgin. It was what even gave her a pass mark as I boasted same. “I am slightly unwell”, I was telling her over my mobile phone. I did not think she would come that night as it was almost 11pm. “Boo boo, what is wrong na?” Her hug was comforting, I seemed to have suffered I MISS YOU sickness as my body began to shape well; for a second, I was off colour, but on seeing her I was as a monkey. With ripened and overdue want, I muttered something like KISS ME. All her efforts to make me see the possible effect my advances would have on our vows. It did not work, she laughed like a witch, it worried me a bit but I shook it off as one of those lady-like way of expressing TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS. With my lights switched off, the sex episode was granted adventure for extras as I had to find her tiny lips, and every organ sensually relevant. One pound, no screams; she lied to me, Titi was no virgin – what if it was our wedding night?…I was completely disappointed, my mood was out, and like faint drops from a tap, my libido was shrinking calculatedly. A white flash from her eyes! I jumped up immediately, and she quick to put on the light. “Baby what is the problem?”, she asked with the hope that I did not notice she was not a virgin. I kept mute and backed her sitting far from her while still on the bed. Her groanings flew in, she was apologizing – she felt I noticed the easy access and leak in her forbidden fruit.

Here am I, completely silent and glancing at the hour-glass shaped instrument my grand ma bought for me when I was 10. I did not say a word to Titi, if I wanted to, it will be to apologize for believing in true love. I sat in silence, the talking drum had its bigger face staring back at me. “Oh! This must be the encumbrance to my emotional prosperity”, I said aloud. My grand ma never liked me, she is probably the talking drum, the five girls I ditched were of similar situations – all non virgins, all with a shiny white eye flashing once. “Tonight I smash you”, I talked to the talking drum. Upon exiting my door, the curved stick, the well polished membrane used in beating melodious rhythms on the gan gan (talking drum), aroused me in a manner never experienced. So I play my gan gan, and I smash it not.

                                            OKOCHA OBED.



My name is Okocha Obed, you can call me Obeezy. I love to display aesthetics through my ink—I must say writing is my small world. I consider myself a deep writer; I say I am deep because I have discovered that part about myself, even, my fabulous audience share same view. I believe in connecting to all kind of persons as there is always something to learn from everyone. I see myself as an actor; to stay on the stage, I need to think ink. The voice is a reflection of myself and my conscience. I always felt I could be like superman while growing up. It was pretty ridiculous so all I did was dream of being a soldier. It was abortive. So I created a world where I could keep talking about the ills in my community but with other flavours to show I am growing into completeness. keep reading.

18 thoughts on “TALKING DRUMS

    1. Hehe good questions as usual..

      Well it is my wish to marry a virgin…it has always been. The virgin concept is now orthodox as many ladies copulate before marriage everywhere, every time. So I am forced to lessen the virginity rule and hope to get in love with a lady with care and respect… Truth is, virgins are countable. I couldn’t change the world’s mindset so I joined them in accepting ANY so I won’t remain a bachelor….hehe

      Sounding like I am married..lollzz

      The inspiration, just God + a zeal to write today.

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      1. I think the onus is often on the girl/woman to stay pure. A lot of men but not all, find pleasure in breaking their resolve with promises of marriage and love, only to discard them when they’ve had their fun and ruined their reputation. Again she’ll be blamed for being weak, while he’s patted on the back and congratulated but he’s still committed the same crime. Though I should point out, these standards are only applied amongst his peers but not spiritually. God sees all sin and this sin doesn’t recognise the gender difference.

        In a previous piece, you mention the enormous problem with rape in Nigeria. Many women don’t report rape for this very reason. Yes, she’s a victim but she’s also just announced to the world that she’s no longer pure, making her less desirable for marriage. She can’t win.

        The girl shouldn’t have lied but if she lived in a place where not being pure would condemn her to the marriage scrapheap and worse, it might make it a little easier to understand why she did.

        Interesting piece. It raises questions and debate.

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      2. I rarely go to other blogs to comment but enjoyed the topics you were discussing, so came along.

        I’ve been trolled etc a number of times and it’s made me overly sensitive, along with the C-PTSD, I become fearful. Other than the other blogs I co-run, I’ll probably stay on my own blogs for the foreseeable future, I still don’t have the confidence to be around people.

        Good luck with your blog.

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  1. Nice work obed…I have had strories of s
    uch in past years. Now what I don’t understand is why pretending to be someone you are not. Lying about being a virgin doesn”t go well for me cause if you guys eventually marry everything will come out open. Its better to come open that you are no virgin that is where TRUE LOVE comes in. I mean if the man loves you he will marry you virginity or no virginity…just saying though

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  2. Ordinarily, I detest the strong emphasis on no sex before marriage. I’m not saying it’s not to be encouraged, of course it should be. However, marriage is something that requires the understanding of both parties beforr it is delved into. There’s no harm coming out with the truth to the person who purposes to be hands in glove with you. It is gobsmacking to know that many a lady tells lies just to forestall any shame over the dignity they don’t even have. The dignity of a man is the ability to tell the truth and stand by it.

    Obed, your writing is contemporaneous with the trends of our day to day lasses who keep our knickers in a twist.
    I commend you robustly for this.

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