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Oftentimes, man is confronted with the urge – the ‘rush’ as i like to call it. The primal desire to engage in white-hot pulsating ecstacy and quench our immediate thirst for sexual proclivity. And if it turns out that the milieu is quite tempting, why not satisfy the urge without much ado afterall, the popular saying goes, “body no be firewood”. It is not a suprise to see the result few weeks later when the boy cries out, “oh my God! she said she’s pregnant”. So begins the embarassing visits from the girl’s parents wanting to know when the boy is going to claim responsibility all because the boy and his sex partner chose to embrace the ‘rush’ rather than apply commonsense. But why the rush anyway when there are over a thousand and one ways to prevent conception? Or perharps, could it be that the prices of condoms nowadays are too expensive for the common man? I hardly think so. As an anonymous commenter once said ,”Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why people don’t use contraceptives but i later got to understand, young adults are very sexually active, you get a pack of condom for 50NGN then after 4 rounds of sex in like 2 hours it gets exhausted. After some hours, they want to go for some more rounds, and the pharmacy/chemist store is far away”. While this seems logical enough, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Rather, most girls today prefer to engage in unprotected sex because it suits them that way. They hate the use of condoms as they see it as a barrier cutting them off from experiencing pleasure in its purest form. This behavioural trend has invariably produced countless pregnant, and unmarried young girls that we see all around us in our society. 

Regrettably, on a daily basis we keep churning out young kids who are going to live outside the matrimonial home which is the basic institution of society. Studies have shown over the years that kids who are given birth to outside wedlock make the bulk of criminals and deviants in society. We need to curb this growing menance with absolute immediacy else we may bear the consequences in the long run. Before you dive in to pop-open the cookie jar pls think carefully.