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Her beauty grew every morning, and so did her addictions. Her laps flapped, hitting each other in expectance of a manly figure to explore her goodies. Maybe she was expecting her imaginary female friend to caress her body, maybe her urges were for her kind, maybe she was a lover of her kind, and just maybe she was a lesbian. She was 16 years of age, and a sufferer of rape from her dad and cousins. She was about to give up on life when a young man of 23 years came into her life – she met him when she was 18 years old. He was her best friend, her lover, and her dream husband; it was a relationship that lasted for only seven months as he was more interested in opening her legs – though with her consent. What did he stand to lose? Nothing. What did she stand to lose? She opened her legs for her lover, and had the first sex of her life. The sex proposals from her lover became too much, she had to accept some, and question the uncountable others – was he that in love with her body? Bad Monday evening, she mourned it with torn clothes and bruised mouth; she had been raped yet again, she had been raped by her lover. She mourned till her tears dried up, her lips became heavy, and her wailings became laughter. So she touched her skin, and learnt to be a lover of herself as her encounter with men brought grief. Her female friend was able to make her stop crying, and to kill the unrelenting grief they went to a girls’ club. Her friend became too drunk, and so was she – A full bottle of tequila coupled with shots of French wine must have been the cause. They laughed awkwardly, rubbed each other, and said erotic things they had probably crammed from E-magazines and outlets. The kisses were at intervals, her friend was adept at this – she was probably a lesbian. She watched her friend reach for her clitoris, and was still but struggling to be observant of her body’s response to the act; her friend was already confessing love to her, all she could do was mope. Next morning, more mornings, most evenings, it was a matter of sex toys for additions, a want for ladies – the addiction; she was unconsciously against the natural design of things, as her attractions knew a new denomination; her friend was a perfect distraction, and her new bed mate.

Lesbianism is no new concept; it has been and will continually be. A trace to its early beginning reveals that there is a possibility that some ladies are born with such tendencies innate in them, hence a biological oddity. Lesbianism in centuries behind us was not given much attention by laws and straight beings, as they felt it had no harsh repercussion. Laws were rather targeted at the gay individuals as the act proved damaging to the anus of another male, the act could be a rape situation, and the act brought ignominy to every societal moral culture. As a child would grow when properly nourished, lesbians sought to reach out to more girls and because they did not want reproach from the clan, they resorted to creating sites for their kinds. When the Government became aware of its pacing growth, it shut it down with big chains. Some were left to rot in prison, but rather than embrace the sentence as time to change, their addictions rang bells that only the fellow inmate could march to; the prison was a perfect environment for them, they felt it was a blessing. The biologists have that ladies with an accommodating gigantic clitoris have the likeness to be same-sex attached and even bi-sexual. Skip the topic of big or small clitoris and its yet to be proven hypothesis; let it be concurred that a legion of ladies who subscribe to this unnatural act are persons who were not born in that manner but were either compelled or misled into it. This 21st century welcomed the entrance of LGBT rights despite the fight against the ignominious act. The LGBT right is simply Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Trans gender folks coming together to agitate for freedom and rights to be unnatural. The lesbians are not in movies, they are not fairy tales but persons found in every boarding school. It is a character which starts from one bad egg who most times is a senior student; she corrupts a younger student by touching her in private places. Some ladies who survived lesbianism told me how kisses were forcefully fixed on their lips; they had their seniors compelling them to do these terrible act with their boarding mate, it was overcome by the parents awareness, observant eyes, rebuke, and counselling. Should we judge lesbians who grew up in NO LOVE vicinity, or a home where the unnatural act is availably encouraged; should we call lesbians less beings, should we curse them or throw them into a tempestuous sea? A lady had loved a single guy only to be rendered heartbroken.  She was disvirgined by this guy, and all he could do was cheat on her with a whore. Now I tell you she is a lesbian as she could not recover from the shattering her petite heart underwent, and what you do is call her a big fool; because we are straight does not make us perfect, we call them GOD FORBIDS but swim in a river of sins such as lies – we prefer to call it small sin. Lesbians are normal beings who grew up in empty homes or loud environs, lesbians are very emotional and since they suffer a heart break they call guys a mistake; lesbians are not less beings, they just did a dark thing and chose not to repent due to its unexpected pleasure; the mention of lesbian reflects those who still have conscience but are just pushed towards more disgraceful acts by their immorally obsessed and addicted shadows. 

The American government sat and discussed what to do about the cries and gnashing for LGBT rights, it was then granted onto them – many countries followed suit. The thing is, the American government chose not to encroach on what happens on the beds of its citizens; maybe the government just wanted to make them feel accepted, or what if the government were just free thinkers hence not uptight over the rise of she-male and worse. Let us work with MAYBE’S and WHAT IF’S as not even the devil knows the underground rationale for the grant of LGBT rights. Lesbians are not animals! Maybe that was the point or message the governments of European nations tried to pass across – brilliant position? Very caring? The way forward?

A decision of a man or woman is indeed respected by me, all I can do at best is to call you DEAR and ask if you want me to drop a few comments on this delicate concern. The LGBT rights help to foster rather than suppress the addicted-to-ladies females; a right as this only makes one wonder where the always preached moral rules resided. The granting of rights does not serve as a cleansing method. In the Northern parts of Nigeria, sodomy was rewarded with stoning to death – it was lessened to 50 lashes of the whip plus few months in gaol. In some parts of the North however, death might not pass the culprit who decides to indulge in these corrupts acts. In the other parts of Nigeria, the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 came to be – it did not and will not stop the increase of this eyesore; what it does however is to leave the culprits (victims of wrong decision and not-so-proud-of childhood) resorting to their chambers rather than the streets. What about the erection of a big institution that will be filled with experts at psychology, biology, and so on? What they suffer is a wrong notion about life, their emotions and sufferings have forced them to see things differently. They need to be taken care of, they need to be heard – I have heard from some, and I am slow to criticize but quick to lend my attentive ears and civilized opinions. I believe the government of Nigeria have done well in curbing the spread of this unnatural act but there is nothing bad in doing something new and supposedly better i.e. setting up a school for their kinds, with proper check to avoid it does not even prosper in the four walls of the institution; it is most times a behavioural problem, but if unrestrained and wowing masturbation can be stopped, then can’t an addictive act as this be stopped? If a girlfriend of mine could stop, then maybe anyone can though there is the issue of time duration…all for the best interest.

All that has been said is probably utopian. One thing remains, voice out your thoughts because someone out there might just be buying your muse with naira notes or foreign coins. Maybe there is a way out, maybe we could discuss.

                                                                                                           OKOCHA OBED  




My name is Okocha Obed, you can call me Obeezy. I love to display aesthetics through my ink—I must say writing is my small world. I consider myself a deep writer; I say I am deep because I have discovered that part about myself, even, my fabulous audience share same view. I believe in connecting to all kind of persons as there is always something to learn from everyone. I see myself as an actor; to stay on the stage, I need to think ink. The voice is a reflection of myself and my conscience. I always felt I could be like superman while growing up. It was pretty ridiculous so all I did was dream of being a soldier. It was abortive. So I created a world where I could keep talking about the ills in my community but with other flavours to show I am growing into completeness. keep reading.


    1. Chris normally a break up should not…I wish I made that up but it really is someone’s acct. Cristus you need to see how emotional they can be; i will give u some further details on WhatsApp.

      Thanks for stopping by. One love.


  1. Am really edified by this write up, you really delt extensively on this topic. However, I really think our problem in our inability to see them as they are by nature rather than criticizing these set of people.

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    1. I see your point…and I like it.

      To be frank, research shows diverse genesis of the arrival of lesbianism. The biologists hold on to WIDE CLITORIS, HIGH CHANCES OF SUCH UNNATURAL ACT. It is not in doubt that it is an act that does not eat a meal with morality; morality is relative but do not forget that it was once recognized by every chord of the sphere we call earth that lesbianism be done away it and never encouraged – the change of mind and notion from the 1st world countries can be tipped to be due to the loud concept of LIBERTY of its citizens and independent thoughts.

      I saw your question on Facebook, please what was stressed wasn’t JUST YOUTHS but 40% HOMELESS YOUTHS. Statistics show that lesbianism came on ladies quickly as they were not in the comfort of their loved ones. The street does not only preach BE TOUGH, it fosters unnatural acts like the LGBT…A wide number of LGBT didn’t have it innate, they learnt or were forced to learn it. Do you not think that homeless kids are exposed to unscrupulous and ignominious acts?

      Lesbians are humans, they need our love…but humans copulate MALE AND FEMALE MANNER, hence they need our counsel, support and prayers.

      Thanks for stopping by boss.

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