A mortal resolve

Skin supposedly carved for a sole purpose

Throats and belly in constant lack

A just course in fore

Plagued with the incessant rigours of summer and winter

But a course in fore

Battling for her heart

The sole reason for his being.

An aggressive resolve

Blood flowed like in the Nile

Bountiful casualities

Warlords equipped with unfriendly tactics.

Distance prevented his appearance

Carlifonia was his new lot

Previous efforts all brought to nought

Life’s contest lost to a subordinate

His trophy to another.

Woe! To man.

She gloried in his misfortune with rapt attention

His struggles became a public spectacle

Her beauty gave him a clown occupation

Her greed coveted all.

Woe! To the crux of the course

Senseless quest for True Love

A quick route to unripe demise

Her lips…

Appropriate distractions from reality.

Tilting still scales of nature

Despite this, men gathered hopes for future redemption

Aspirations of mild considerations

His sacrifice for the course.

A chase for shadows, his reward

A stab of futility incured.

Bitter galls disguised as salts

To feel that he was just one of ten slots.
Awake from his illusion,

she never slept on his king bed.

The harmony he once loved

His melody, his own foe.

Oh! How covetous

Too blind to deem her treacherous.

A fight with sword and shield, he

thought he conquered her in grand brand.


No! it was deception

His opponent was futility

The blades cut open the winds,

his rival somewhere far asleep.

The image is lucent 

Compatible, the story not sent.

So his tears too lazy to roll,

he laments of the axiom.

But she

With a crossed leg and wild grin,

she preferred his chase and chagrin

She knew of his futile efforts

Yet, enjoyed his new life in the past.

Authored by: Cristus

Feat: Obeezy