Hmmm I will be a big fat liar to say I ain’t wowed to be nominated for this. The first nomination I got was the LEIBSTER AWARD. What I am looking at now is yet another and having accepted this, I will go straight to the WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.

1. Appreciate the person that nominated you for this award.

Without wasting time, I want to take my time to send kisses to Debbrah Maxwell for this nomination. I say a big thank you to you and heyyy guys, you really gazz check up her posts…they must just wow you.

2. Tell everyone what truly inspired you to start up your blog?
Well THE VOICE was born on the last day of July. A friend of mine, FAT MIKE, always stressed that I open a blog as he was tired of reading my works on a sheet of paper (lol)…truth is, he wanted that the world see my alive letters. I did not open it still, as I felt it wasn’t all necessary..but THE INSPIRATION was the robbery incidence my family and I witnessed that 30th at exactly 2am. To see what God did that day, you could read my first piece on this blog.

3. Leave an advice or two to upcoming bloggers.
Hmm I am tempted to skip this as I am actually new to the blogosphere. Well well well, let me say something.

*Patience: many newbies start a blog and because they derive no pay or fame in the space of 3-6 months, they delete the site due to frustration. Please know that we have a million + bloggers all over planet earth and even beyond (lol), so do not think you can just be a Linda Ikeji or some prominent blogger in a split second. I believe in poco a poco (little by little).

*Read and Comment: Be a good reader, and do well to comment on posts on wordpress, blogspot; read and be interactive on Twitter – in fact, SOCIAL MEDIA. When you learn to appreciate other works, then you are invariably welcoming people’s interests to your own blog.

4. Nominate 15 bloggers who have shown mastery and class in handling the pen.

Okocha Obed