Two brothers, no feelings but love

Perfect bond with many tales alike.

Mutual feeling, ritual songs of blooderhood

Thrust into the thin air was needed connaire.

A separation not a cause of a femme

First blood, not one traced to tight knuckles.

A lawyer he had become, a cobbler had the other

The future they had imagined was illusory?

a lament best stroked et cuddled by the cobbler.

Oh! poor shoes.

A bleak tomorrow twisted by freewill

A life of if I knew, the melody, the gall

Anger and despise had just stemmed

so refined a new passion.

Parallel lines!

The well polished lawyer too busy a homme

Work et work, perchance he sees his old friend.

Yes it happened, one evening when the sun

was mourning the demise of life’s empathy.

Will you mend my shoes?


The big needle recognized the advocat as did the black thread

Shyness grew? It was the moment of intimidating racket

Leaking tears from slacked tear bag, one tear too many.

Regard for his wig and gown or for his head high disposition

A misplaced position

Broken friendship or professionalism.

Just tell him, maybe he would embrace you

Maybe just maybe!

Alas a voice was escaped with a burst out of weeping history.

Greatest surprise was the surprising surprise a response

A handshake would have been better

But no

A card was issued, a penny was given, and a shoe gotten back.

Mutual respect of class?

Maybe not mutual

Hardly a pinch of respect.

Life the potter, two friends in dissimilar circles

Maybe none to blame, just maybe.
                               OKOCHA OBED