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Every scroll should normally have, intertwined with it, its side note. Just when I thought our earlier lyrics got appreciated by you, you embrace a sissy mannerism with nebbish attribute — no slur intended, it is a statement of fact. If what you expect is a DOBALE or copious salute over your faint leadership grip, then you leave me with words too infinitesimal; you leave me awestruck with words untitled.

Late last year, the congress of LAWSA had their mouths in overture at the disturbing decisions of the EXCOs. It was disturbing because the EXCOs breached constitutional provisions remorselessly giving away a huge sum of XXX into priority low of the LAWSANs need — past sins, forgiven, but forgotten? All we are saying is do things that reflect our needs, and very timeously too. If it is the fixing of bulbs in LT 2 , then we won’t mind that you finish up the good work before laches blindfolds you. Mr. President, do you not think that it is out of love for your government and hope for a fruitful administration that this association cuddles the lucky corer and scribble? New developments have that VERY CONCERNED PERSONS choose timidity in a world that slaps one hard enough to fuel bravery. No prudent man will infer otherwise than to conclude in a no “hasty” manner that the snatchers of the latest work via this platform cannot not be member(s) of the Executive Council. Maybe I appear pained, well yes I am. I am pained not because of the snatching but because this administration proved to be hirelings to reproach, advise, and critics. If assuming this extant position has you too excited to miraculously feign auditory aphasia, acoustic aphasia, or its equivalent to plain gospel, then pellucid is it that you all need wake up from Alice’s wonder world that our constitution was not drafted to a suit a dictator. Tearing articles instead of adjusting belts is not madness or foolhardiness, it is pathetic cacophony that cooks bad omen.

Mr. President, when do you think is the right time for LAWSANs to be entitled to a hardcopy of the Lawsa constitution? Maybe you are hoarding it until you feel we have learnt how to digest or peruse a constitution void of any aid; maybe you are an advocate of “soft copies or no copy”; maybe we are proles on white and black thus cannot generate a paltry sum to ensure its availability; maybe, just maybe. I candidly pray that all proffered MAYBE’s are not the case because if we go by the first MAYBE, then we are indirectly addressing Mr. President as a great man, tall and lanky in appearance and lucidly in reasoning — I know it is not the case with our leader. By MAYBE 2, it might make sense to a selected few. A selected few persons yet to attain acumen and canniness. Every concerned LAWSAN cannot but concur that there is yet to be availability of the constitution in their phones. MAYBE 3 is as regards the usual jingles of our President. It is something that probably flows once one becomes a leader or president of LAWSA. It is a voice nauseating indeed that makes concerned LAWSANs who followed up previous administrations to rehearse and drop well practiced slurs on any presidential candidate who shoots the usual explosive of I AM GOING TO GENERATE FUNDS BY INVOLVING ALUMNI OF THIS GREAT FACULTY. Blame them not for verbal firing, they have borne one too many of similar “promise and fail”. But c’mon, is it money that made the EXCOs shy away from the responsibility of blessing every LAWSAN with smiles and joy that there is now the progeny of the black and white lawsa constitution in touchable form? Just when I chose to embrace this MAYBE as remote from chimerics or non feasibility scope, I remain nonplussed whenever I remember that this same EXCO used N70,000 to purchase touché chairs that up till now shakes my head repeatedly. Oh! You think this piece is unnecessary? Then you are saying two things: (1) I have done this that you are making a tale about, or (2) It is not a priority. Well, if you stick with the latter, then you see why I named this untitled as I would, and we must, be left awestruck if someone with a blue rope supporting his ID card plus in the white and black fashion throws the question WHY DO YOU NEED THE LAWSA CONSTITUTION? God help us all.

                                 OKOCHA OBED



My name is Okocha Obed, you can call me Obeezy. I love to display aesthetics through my ink—I must say writing is my small world. I consider myself a deep writer; I say I am deep because I have discovered that part about myself, even, my fabulous audience share same view. I believe in connecting to all kind of persons as there is always something to learn from everyone. I see myself as an actor; to stay on the stage, I need to think ink. The voice is a reflection of myself and my conscience. I always felt I could be like superman while growing up. It was pretty ridiculous so all I did was dream of being a soldier. It was abortive. So I created a world where I could keep talking about the ills in my community but with other flavours to show I am growing into completeness. keep reading.

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