Years of unrepentant beef with my pith

A deprivation of the feel, one void of conscious motivation

The lips of a flatterer at her mercy seat

Emotionally drunk, the new era of the hen-hearted

If looks could kill

Love is a magician, she makes one thing new under the sun

A spark!

Eyes rolling to her direction

Her glance is sufficient to freeze the heart

Thoughts not in one piece, the pen feeble and rusty

The love tunes in my head, hopes that it is a misrepresentation

Love was meant to be my foe

I thought myself rooted in prelapsarian, but then

To be shot dead by a love hate emotional revolver

To have smiled at a considered anathema, the pickle in my arteries.

The chemistry is too complicated, if only she could serve as succour

No doubt she is as perfume, all hopers crave for her sandalwood.

One love plus four or no love for one, I demur

Every step out is an inch inside love’s pool

The ineptitude at propelling in water, the fall in love.

Were it be a chance to seek an injunction, is love not the court?

My diaries have gone too personal, the detail is but one but

Is this puppy love or one true love?

The heart is not at peace

It used to walk with grace but is now curious as a cat

The undefined — the story of my state of mind

It is emotional buffering

Certainty is a sought after, clearity is merry.

With kids glove will she be handled while

i search for inner serenity.

                              OKOCHA OBED