Your ability to concentrate and completely focus on the task at hand is the biggest challenge you face everyday. We live in a world where we are constantly being distracted by our phones, social media, entertainment and other people. If you are going to get BIG things done you are going to have to increase your own ability to concentrate and immerse yourself in your task.

The first place to start Is your environment, at home and where you go about creating your work and dreams. Make sure it is clean, fresh and distraction free…. Yes that means the TV has to be turned off! Turn off your phone and shut down all your social media and give yourself the gift of silence and the freedom to tap into your own thoughts, creativity and potential.

Before you start your work or whatever you are doing, take a few minutes to write out exactly what you have to do / achieve in the time you have allocated. Knowing exactly what you have to do will help you focus and stop you from becoming overwhelmed with your task.

You struggle to concentrate for any length of time I suggest working in 15 minute blocks of absolute focus and try to do as much as you can in that 15 minutes! This will help you build the concentration muscle and over time you will be able to focus for hours on end.

Anything is possible IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT… That is not a throw away line! IF you can apply your mind, concentrate on a task for long and focus all your energy into what you are doing…..then anything is possible! 

special kudos to Obeezy, my roomies, Pls feel free to antagonise….. Or comment. Thanks friends.