I stand in the middle of a riddle

It’s just me with no tenant

I stand with no arrows but insight

Fading feathers awaiting a new birth

The hunt for Cupid’s head, a white lie

At best an option but not a choice.

My universe will serve that mock trial
A test that I fear might never pass

Every string of my harp knows misfortune

Each blood vessel feeble to feed my engine

The lies inside my garment

A lone eagle in Love’s felled trees

A choice I blame on fate

A decision I doubt for precision

My double tongue in search for reasons

To say that they do not meet my taste.

The twin phase of back to back
A repellant, the new meaning a surprise pack

I rend my garment

My heart is unfortunately irredeemable

A rat in my attic

A consequence of try and no hope

An unmatched cherished match fades

A never desired mix smelt

A tufiakwa

The purgation of my soul.

Nosedived emotional intelligence at sufferance

A pain that pricks my faculty, a clear vice.

Mutual feelings awaken a chase
One part Cupid left in shades

The reverse sword of Kenshi

To be fooled even by the love sensei

Miserable life

Served with foreign cutlery as Sushi

The cold porridge I ate yesterday.

Valentine yet another, in the park of loners I remain.

Too far is her position

Will she hear when I adore her, oh signora.

The joy that I was making

Other factors now have her taken

Broken heart, an abused joining but 

to derail from broken scars is floating lies.

If doggedness was virtue, it needeth purpose

One direction or reflection

One agenda with no drama

Thick soothing intercourse void pained clause

Oh Wrench!

The missing rib peculiar to Adam

My completeness, not one worthy of moot

The chaotic gentleman

Shot four bullets with no healthcare

Lyrics Enya unfolded, reasons sole grief was clothed.

Eagle in the mountain, too tired for hunting

The epic tale the loner didn’t tell his momma.