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 Some dramas that unfold that are too heavy for the tongue are advised to be kept inward lest there be a blackguard owing to bile commentaries. It is safer to express with ink as there is the presumption that one had time to think of the consequence of his choice words – be it a diatribe or a sweetened cabin biscuit. Should I start by saying there is a stifling in my emotional pessary, will it not be mistaken for a swell time in pen artistry? Particularly why I am in a dilemma even though it appears I am at ease with the pen-a-story. Life is seen as the bitch, while we the humans are the victims of the eventual malady that she is alleged to bring, poco-a-poco. I pick a side. The earth vomited hardship all around with a super kick on the chest of man till he coughed blood and had escaped-urine from his flesh flute due to fear of a subsequent spank. Man eternalised hardship to become tougher; man united to ensure communalism brought food for their offspring. Even anthropologists believe in the leviathan. They hold that man sees himself as equal in the state of nature. If mama will forgive my early beginnings and misconceptions that man’s abilities served as gateway to the niche where the ability is so required, I would be surprised because that is all she preached since my intercourse with recollection. The fault in our stars was more of man’s doing than the cuss Earth forced down our throats. This is because someone saved the last descendant of Jezebel – he is the crow that has now grown wings to so threaten the farmer off his own land and has now stepped up the chase by contaminating the seeds sown below the soil. He is the priest with the cloak; the priest without the episcopal traits. The godfather did not show contentedness in the godson’s entire activities – if he did, he still wanted to dominate the other man under him who he wished he could call son. The other man was popular for his humility and wits but ironic was the perplexing histrionic from priest-now-godfather that the other man was a hireling to loyalty. For want of domination, he had his cloak off to attend a vestry meeting with other saints. He told them a story; he reminded the famous pastor of the fruits of leadership he shared with the other man, and the pastor bought the item from the truth shop that he turned away from other goals he had earlier nursed. The other man must have shown too much loyalty that it became an itch on the skin of the priest who felt loyalty need not be so displayed; or the other man left the priest to drink from the cup of envy. You are not loyal, you are not loyal, that is why… This serves as the justification for evil practices; guised as a punishment, but meant as a mala fide. When the pastors sin, are they at that point, altar-worthy? No. We are blessed to have read law, so a sin is a sin when we cannot justify a blatant bad intention on a moot theory. Is that not the new church?

The other man had a star. Troubling it had become that he was loved by a majority for his humour and wisdom, that the ministers of God included a president of an olive branch to the planning committee – they thought him useful especially after a revelation of his false message to some of his disciples that the other man was one who misrepresented his abilities and was thus like an overhyped English team. Six men decided the fate of a decaying corpus; the people weeps, they spot all illegalities, but what is done is done. The other man could not give the loyalty demanded as even in its demand, it was not explained in English – the other man could not give what he did not have. The pastor emerges a victor, and goes nude swerving his hip bone as David danced – who says a pastor cannot play politics? Not me. In quick successions, the decaying corpus will now watch the best man lose; the sufferers are expected to cling to hope. Maybe there will be an admonition from these clergies that the corpus will be revamped if we fast and pray. The message that massages me is that the other man still breathes and still has his every element. With certainty, the priest will wear his cloak soon enough and preach Christ’s loyalty even to the cross; he will preach that spite or envy should not be fostered. Truly, one that stands election can lose or win. It is for politicians irrelevant, the behind-the-scene, how a man emerges a victor especially in a free and fair election. But will it remain irrelevant if the question was thrown to the priests and his helping hands especially couched in a manner to include is election clothed with envy, politics? Rabbi, please do not tell me about the cathedral or free your skull from the necessary heat saved by your cap, just to say you are disappointed. I mourn the swallowed heaven; not because the priest touched the G-spot of the other man, but because the other man is the servant of possibilities that could have taken the decaying corpus a step away from menopause. The priest is rumoured to have begun his exodus; he will be forgiven, he will not be forgotten. I will join my catholic brother, and it is good they pray through Mary and not to Mary.




My name is Okocha Obed, you can call me Obeezy. I love to display aesthetics through my ink—I must say writing is my small world. I consider myself a deep writer; I say I am deep because I have discovered that part about myself, even, my fabulous audience share same view. I believe in connecting to all kind of persons as there is always something to learn from everyone. I see myself as an actor; to stay on the stage, I need to think ink. The voice is a reflection of myself and my conscience. I always felt I could be like superman while growing up. It was pretty ridiculous so all I did was dream of being a soldier. It was abortive. So I created a world where I could keep talking about the ills in my community but with other flavours to show I am growing into completeness. keep reading.

13 thoughts on “A SWALLOWED HEAVEN

  1. There was a gleam of hope for us all but until Friday 4th 2017. I find my self insufficient with enough information as to what was the genesis of the political clatter, so I will not at any cost throw stones directly or indirectly to anybody. However, I strongly believe that decisions which when taken will beghast or demotivate the lots of individuals be indepthly poundered on without sentiments or personal affiliation before resolving with oneself on the decision to finally take.

    God bless you bro for the write- up

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  2. This has been one big nasty episode; one that should never have played out this way, but what do you know about people and things they ponder on in the deep recesses of their hearts? We only know ourselves; we know not another. However, that doesn’t mean we should perch in isolation. Today is a new day; let’s build bridges and not walls.

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  3. I like the Allusions you used here nyukka, they were spot on. you must have heard again and again that you are one fine writer the voice, its almost not needed if I reiterate but I will do so anyway, cuz you’re that impressive.

    about the bullshit that swallowed heaven, I have no words just actions and they will be seen, trust me.
    the puppeteer behind the marionette

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  4. One unique thing about your writing is that you explain a point using different ways, and that gives the reader a crystal clear perspective of your inner thought(s). 👏✌
    We are here to shine and nothing can stop us now! ❤

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